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The temporary register – UNISON guidance for overseas nurses

This information is for nurses from overseas who are considering joining the temporary NMC
register in response to COVID-19


What is the temporary register?
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have opened
a temporary emergency register in response to the
COVID-19 pandemic. This allows them to temporarily
register different groups so they can work during the
Thousands more nurses from overseas who have not yet
achieved full registration with the NMC are being asked
to join.
What does this mean for me?
If you are eligible to join the temporary register you will
receive an invitation by e-mail.
Joining means you can work as a temporary registrant at
the Band 5 rate of pay and perform further nursing care.
If you join the temporary register you must work for a
registered health or care provider in the UK and work
alongside a nurse or midwife who is on the full NMC
Whilst the OSCE centres remain open you may continue
working towards passing your examination and applying
to join the full NMC register.
You can find more information at https://www.nmc.
Joining the temporary register does not mean you will
automatically be redeployed to work in another clinical
setting. Any redeployment to work in another area should
only happen with your voluntary agreement. If you feel
you are being pressured to work elsewhere and do not
feel safe contact a UNISON representative immediately.
It is the responsibility of your employer to reduce the risk
you face in your workplace. You must have a personal
risk-assessment completed before providing patient care
and must receive the appropriate training and PPE for the
area you are working in. If this is not the case, raise your
concerns and contact a UNISON representative.
It is your decision whether to join the temporary register
or not. Speak to your line manager and/or a UNISON
representative if you need more information to make
your decision. You should not be pressured into your
decision and if you wish to continue working in a nonregistered
role until you complete your OSCE, that is OK.