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Furlough Member Guidance


Furlough Member Guidance


Some UNISON members have been furloughed and we need a straightforward process to ensure these members are paying the correct subscription rate.

Furloughed employees are not unemployed. Some might be on full pay while others will suffer a 20% pay reduction. We already have arrangements for reduced pay with employers who deduct UNISON subscription from salary. They simply apply the reduced pay to our subscription band and this will probably result in the member moving down one band.

For Direct Debit members, we cannot change their subscription until they contact UNISON. When contact is made, simply change their subscription band that reflects the revised salary and in the notes section record the member has been furloughed. Later, when appropriate we can contact these members and remind them to pay their subscriptions at the full rate.

We will not presently be proactively raising furloughed employment at the point of joining as it creates unnecessary confusion. New joiners should be advised to join at the appropriate rate for their received salary.

I trust the above is helpful. If you have any queries please contact WARMS Support.

For regular updates during office hours please check the WARMS Service page which can be found at

David Blakemore
Head of RMS Operations.