BRIEFING HC-138-18 21 December 2018 NHS Staff Council announces joint agreement on Band 1 closure

Who needs to know?

 Health branches

On 19 December the NHS Staff Council published a joint statement setting out important policy positions for current band 1 staff.

In full:
From 1 December 2018 Agenda for Change Band 1 was closed to new starters. The Framework agreement set out that employers will upskill Band 1 roles into Band 2 roles increasing the earnings of the lowest paid NHS staff.
This week, the NHS Staff Council published a joint agreement to clarify important policy positions to ensure local partnerships can get on with the job of re-profiling roles and giving staff the chance to move to band 2 as soon as possible.
Lump sum – UNISON has been arguing for the 1.1% non-consolidated lump sum to be available to staff in band 1. This has now been agreed with employers. The £194 non-consolidated lump sum will also be paid to those staff who chose to move to band 2 on 1 April 2019. This is fairer and means staff who move to band 2 are not disadvantaged.
Effective date – an effective date of the 1 April 2019 has been agreed. This means that if staff want to move to band 2 they can and this will take effect from 1 April 2019. The choice to move is still voluntary and if staff don’t want to move they will be allowed to remain indefinitely in band 1 or chose at a later date to move to band 2. More details can be found in our FAQs.
Contact UNISON on 0800 0 857 857 or visit
Incremental date and pay progression – the move to band 2 will reset the staff member’s incremental date. Band 1 staff who move to band 2 will continue to follow their current local pay progression policies meaning they will reach the top of pay band 2, two years after they transition. Staff who move on 1 April 2019 will reach the top of
band 2 on 1 April 2021. This means the pay deal will have delivered an increase from £15,404 to £19,337 within 3 years.
Information – employers will need to provide enough information for staff to make an informed decision. The decision to move is entirely voluntary but we would like to encourage as many as possible to take up the move to a band 2 role.

As always, new agreements create more questions so please let us know by emailing and we can develop further guidance.
Actions for branches
1. Discuss the new agreement with your employer through your partnership working
2. Speak to band 1 staff about the benefits of this agreement and recruit any nonmembers;
3. Review current plans and ensure staff will have the information they need to make
informed decisions.
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Alan Lofthouse