Important Information – Trainee Nursing Associates Registration

Who needs to know?

 Health Branches in England

Trainee Nursing Associates who will be joining the NMC register in January must disclose all convictions or cautions whether or not they are spent, unless they are protected.

In full:
Branches may receive enquiries from Trainee Nursing Associates (TNAs) about what they need to do to register with the NMC when they qualify. The first wave will be qualifying in January with further waves throughout next year.
The NMC register officially opens on 28 January 2019 and TNAs will receive an email from the NMC once their university notifies the NMC that they have qualified. The information below can be shared with TNA members in your branch.

Information for nursing associates about joining the NMC register
When you activate your NMC online account, you will see everything you need to provide in order for the NMC to consider your registration. Please visit for a comprehensive guide.
One of the questions asked by the NMC is whether you have any criminal cautions, convictions or pending criminal charges.

The NMC register is there to give the public confidence about the people who treat and care for them. Having a caution or conviction is not necessarily a barrier to professional registration. It may be for a relatively minor offence, or something that happened a long time ago, in your past. But the NMC does need to know about these things in order for the regulator to take a view about whether you are someone who is
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