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Covid 19 update

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Wednesday 24 February 2021


For advice about IPC: contact 8am to 4pm, Mon to Fri. Anything else


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  • Heathrow Vaccination site to open on 8 March
  • Learning Disability Materials
  • Current situation
  • Staff
  • Vaccination reminders
  • NCL webinar on Moral Injury
  • Today’s photo


Good morning everyone

We will be operating the Mass Vaccination Centre at Compass House at Heathrow Airport and is due to open on Monday 8 March. I know the team are raring to go!

New support materials for delivery of COVID 19 vaccinations for people with a learning disability

These resources will help staff provide accessible appointments to ensure people with a learning disability and autistic people in a high-risk group have safe and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination:

Additional training materials for COVID 19 vaccinators and volunteers provide top tips on communicating with people with a learning disability and autistic people and reasonable adjustments that should be considered


Current situation

The latest charts show the trends very well – almost 18 million people vaccinated now and continuing falls in patient admisisons (down 20% on the week) and deaths (down 28%). But we are still at high levels so must keep vigilant.

Also details on each STP – BLMK, NWL and NCL here:



For staff we are thankfully maintaining the downward trend so let’s keep it that way. And if you are off sick, get well soon.


Reminders: First dose appointments this week at The Gordon


We’re running first dose vaccine clinics at The Gordon (for partners and student healthcare staff too) today, Wednesday 24 and tomorrow Thursday 25 February; these are the last sessions we are running for now.


Register here if you haven’t got a booking link


Second dose vaccinations for MK staff

  •  Everyone will be sent a letter to their home address
  • There will be a telephone number on the letter to call and re-arrange if necessary – It is hoped that people will make every effort to attend the time slot given and so reduce the need for re-scheduling large numbers of appointments
  • It is expected that all appointments will be offered and vaccines completed by the end of March.


NCL event – Moral Injury

The exceptional challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have left us at risk of having our deeply-held ethical and moral beliefs and values violated. This might mean that:

  • We may find ourselves behaving in ways that go against our own sense of right and wrong
  • We may feel that we have been unable to do something that we should have done.
  • We may be witnessing others behaving in ways that that we wholeheartedly disagree with
  • We may experience our organisations and leaders as having failed in their duty of care to patients and staff.


When these experiences shake our sense of who we are and result in personal distress and/or feelings of guilt and shame, we can understand this as ‘Moral Injury’.

Co-hosted by psychologists, Jocelyn Blumberg and Dr Maya Khera this webinar, we invite you to share your experiences of Moral Injury and contribute to the conversation about what moral injury is, what causes it; how it can make us feel and behave and what helps to cope with it.

Jocelyn Blumberg, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, specialises in working with trauma survivors at the Traumatic Stress Clinic at Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust and has worked with survivors of human rights abuses, combat-related trauma, terror attacks and childhood and domestic abuse.

Maya Khera is a UK trained Counselling Psychologist with experience working in the NHS and charity sector. Maya did a two-year clinical placement at the Traumatic Stress Clinic, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, providing specialist psychological support to forced migrants and survivors of childhood abuse.

Today’s photos

The Duchess of Cornwall visited the Wembley Vax Site yesterday to thank volunteers. We don’t clinically run this centre but our Estates Team (through our wholly owned subsidiary QTS) helped stand the site up and provide other services for its effective running – another example of our teams working system wide to help provide a service.

Take care today – and if you’re going, enjoy today’s Goodall Celebration!



Chief Nurse